The Greatest Webinar

What's Your Story?

Everyone has their own experience and expertise.. In this meeting we give voice to our idiotic stories, they want to be heard.


Why are we speaking in english? Because it sounds more interesting and idiotic. Also because we want to spread our wisdom internationally.. 


You will learn the importance of accepting our idiocy, the basic feature that unites us.

Celebrate your idiocy


'In every person hides a colourful dragon!'In this webinar you will have a chance to celebrate this aspect of your life. 



You really read all this? AMAZING! You completed the first task for becoming an idiot! If you want to register for this webinar just send us an email with the note: YES I WANT TO BECOME AN IDIOT! Then you receive an email with further instructions.

Hosts                     ... :)

We will host the evening and give you the space to explore your greatness of becoming an idiot (again!). We have friends and family who are experts in this field. If you want to share your wisdom don't hesitate to contact us :)